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Hippie Market – Trying to escape the hubbub of King´s Day for a while

“King´s day” in The Hague 

Wow! It´s the King´s birthday on Sunday and the entire country celebrates “King´s day” – the first King´s day in a very, very long time!

I noticed some of the first preparations started already a few weeks ago. One could spot some orange flags and garlands here and there, the supermarket shelves were slowly filled with royal memorabilia as well as orange cakes, and other theme confectioneries. On the streets I could hear people singing the national anthem and I also saw many people are wearing strikingly orange T-shirts, skirts, wigs and scarfs … I even saw a man in a Holland-Theme Onesie walking along the street… 😉

This preparation and patriotic euphoria was infectious and reminded me of a huge football event – It spread the feeling of joint and united happiness! Others might disagree, but I have never really experienced this patriotic excitement in Germany isolated from football events. I am happy to see and feel how proud the Dutch are on their King and to be part of such an interesting day.

Initially, I had the idea to go to Amsterdam, but this ws also the plan of thousands of other people – apparently NS trains transported 270 000 people to Amsterdam ( That was a little bit too much for me, so I decided to witness King´s day here in The Hague. Friday night was already filled with many live concerts in the city – to celebrate King´s Night. The city was beautifully illuminated and the atmosphere was rousing!

On King´s Day, I went to a very nice little Hippie Market in Zuiderpark and had a look around the flea markets on the streets. One could buy handmade bracelets, jewelry, belts, textiles and what not … and the people I met there were lovely and cheerful. Fortunately, the weather was great, and at night we had the most beautiful sunset in a very long time! It was a great day experiencing the “Dutchness” and a good party night at the Festival in Zuiderpark as well.

Of course I also hope the King will have a great birthday on Sunday, where he can relax a little from all the hubbub on King´s Day! 🙂

Cheers, Frederike 🙂


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