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Culinary experiments II: the lunch salad

My earlier culinary experiment only let loose more ideas, stepping up survival needs to gastronomic desires on Maslow’s pyramid. And what better space for experimentation than the lunchbox salad? So this one is about the kind of recipe that falls out of nowhere, inspired by some random taste or ingredient.

So the idea of having something both exciting and healthy culminated in this delicious apple-celery-pepper-and-feta composition.

Art-historically speaking, it was a bit impressionist in appearance, with the complementary red-green colour scheme, but the contradictory flavors and textures gave it a decidedly post-modern twist, the pepper serving as a perfect foil. But then, who doesn’t love post-modernism! So chop a couple of stalks of celery, a paprika, an apple and mix together with olive oil, feta and some walnuts if you like. (mint goes well too).

Refreshing in taste, wonderful in colour – this salad is one I hope I can enjoy many more times!

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