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One Piece Vintage

It’s 9am on a Sunday. Why am I up so early?

Two reasons:

1)      A friend wanted to thank me and my roommate for opening up our place for a party. The best way to thank someone? Coffee and breakfast! More importantly coffee.

2)      One Piece Vintage

So what is One Piece Vintage?

Imagine this: A huge line of people waiting for the doors of a shop to be opened. You get in line and wait and wait and wait. It’s time, finally the door is opened for you. You get an empty bag for 20 Euros. You follow a staircase which takes you to a basement. You hear the music than see a DJ booth. 280 m2 filled with over 3000 items.

It all feels like a scene from Sex and The City. You are living the life of Carrie Bradshaw (or whoever you feel connected to from the show) You might as well go and get a Cosmopolitan with your friends after this.

Back to reality, I am not really a big fan of vintage clothes, mainly because I am way too comfy in my t-shirts and jeans/leggings. However my friends went crazy over the clothes and easily filled not just their bags but mine as well. When you decide it’s time to leave you also get a free goodie bag which is nice to keep as a memory of the day. Even though I only got one t-shirt in the end, I can easily say that it was an exciting experience.

One Piece Vintage

Who says finals week(s) is supposed to be a boring period where you lock yourself in your room? Sometimes you need a break from all that stress and this past Sunday was just the cure for me.

We also went to the Antique Market which moved back to Lange Voorhout when the seasons changed. This was followed by freshly made pancakes and a look back on the year. I also met up with some other friends after this and walked around the city a bit more, trying to postpone reality. The last thing on my mind was the Economics exam that I had the next day but oh well…

Get out there, give yourself a break and try to find out about cool events happening in your town!

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