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ISN cultural festival

We’re almost there.. yes almost! The academic year is about to come to an end and I am sure many of you will also be busy with preparing for final exams/dissertations/presentations etc. Give it your best shot as summer is here and boy is it one to look forward to. Yes it’s FIFA year again and this time it is in Brazil. I have been lucky enough to have spent a few months in that wonderful country. At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to survive as hardly anyone spoke English. Apparently, Brazil is also the only country (or one of the very few) in South America that doesn’t speak Spanish. But I must tell you the people over there love to enjoy life so much that language is a petty barrier if at all. I had great fun making friends with the locals and exploring caves and waterfalls in the country. I’ll look for pictures and post them here. I remember I nearly fell on a giant spider while walking the forests – will put up the pictures soon!
Anyway so the football world cup is in about two weeks time. I wish my Dutch friends all the best for their first match is on FRIDAY THE 13TH 😛 and it is a repeat of the 2010 final against Spain – let’s hope the wrath of the devil falls on the opposition this time.

If you are stressed out about deadlines and exams like me then I would like to bring to your attention two great annual events lined up for you right here in Leiden:

1. ISN Cultural festival
I am really looking forward to this mouth watering event. ISN is the international student network and the Leiden group is celebrating the student diversity this Saturday. This is a day full of games, music and of course lots of food from all over the world. Moreover, the tickets are nominally priced and all food drinks and activities inside are free!

Where: Hooglandse Kerk
Middelweg 2, 2312 KH Leiden
When: Saturday, May 31, 12 pm – 6p.m

– EUR 5.00 normal ticket (adults).
– EUR 3.00 discount ticket (students, children under 10, and visitors over the age of 65).

Facebook link:
Official website:!programme/cfvg

2. Leiden International Film Festival – Annual Open air cinema
Yes, you read it right! I have had this bookmarked for nearly 6 months. On three nights Pieterskerk will play host to movie nights and for FREE. The films being shown are:

June 5: The Breakfast Club
June 6: The Lunchbox
June 7: The Way Way Back

Facebook link:

Even if the films don’t interest you I think it would be worth spending time with other humans out in the open just to relax.

Must watch movie #10

Well we really should be studying and not watching films but if you feel low on motivation then why not supplement your meal with Rocky and since the III film is my favourite and has the apt ‘Eye of the tiger’ song that would be my suggestion for the week.

All the best,

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