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Baggage and Nice people

Two a.m in the morning on a Monday , after spending the whole week catching up with a bunch of friends I hadn’t seen in a while I came face to face with the same problems we all currently face or have faced at some point.

Ever stop to think why we do this to ourselves? Why, we in our search for the right person give everything we can, trust away blindly to the wrong person and when the right person comes along we mess it up because of our baggage? Carrying along baggage not only messes things up with the right person but it also makes us emotionally unavailable till it’s too late. Is that what we want to live with? More baggage, regrets and trust issues?

Yea, it’s hard to trust after having a bunch of bad experiences but that’s why you should start something new, let a fresh breeze blow you away and get the foul smell of your past relationship out of the window. Everyone is their own person, and we need to start accepting that fact.

Which brings me to my second issue: there is nothing wrong with a nice guy or a girl. Don’t know about you but I’m regretting not treating the nice guy right and I learnt the hard way. Nice people aren’t boring. They’re thoughtful and compassionate. They’re funny and smart. They are the ones who make you laugh with their geeky jokes and warm hugs. I’m not saying they’re safe, I’m saying they’re the ones you want by your side at the end of the day.

I know it’s easy to dish out reality but to accept it is a whole different story. 

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