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Sleeping under the stars – midsummer night dreams in Leiden

Happy summer solstice everyone! Yesterday was the day with the longest time of sunlight in the year – that means, from now on days are getting shorter again and we’re basically heading to winter right away. Reason enough to enjoy the summer even more, as long as it lasts, and do all the summer sun fun stuff now!

Personally, I’m still stuck at my desk writing my thesis, and can only marvel at the golden light and bright green leaves and imaginary butterflies from behind my window; at least most of the time. However, to fill up my Vitamin D reserves and refresh my tired mind, I went for a little walk to the Burcht in the centre of Leiden today.


When I walked in, I first was shocked at the sight of some golden thermo blankets, thinking there was a massive accident or something. But it turned out to be something wonderful instead: the Burcht is turned into a little open air hotel!

IMG_1817 IMG_1815 IMG_1814

For a couple of nights – and today is the last one! – you can sleep under the big tree in the middle of the burcht. The event is called “Nachtblau” and beside of a quite comfortable looking mattress, and bedding you also get some music, theater, dance and art performances, and a breakfast the next morning. And of course, in the best case, you will get a good glance at a sparkling starry night sky and can feel all magic and midsummer night dreamy.


This could be the roof over your head for one night!


If nature calls…


This might be a super magical starry view tonight!

Infos and registration here!

I’m getting back to my desk now, so no dreamy night for me. In case someone decides spontaneously to take part, I would love to hear about it though!

Wishing you all many happy and magical summer nights and days to come in Leiden!

One comment on “Sleeping under the stars – midsummer night dreams in Leiden

  1. mandala56
    June 23, 2014

    Wow, that sounds amazing! I love that place.

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