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Bird’s eye view of Rotterdam.

They say Paris has the Eiffel tower, Brussels has the Atomium and Rotterdam has the Euromast.

If you happen to visit Rotterdam one place which you should not miss out on visiting is the Euromast. The Euromast is perhaps Rotterdam’s most famous landmark along with its iconic bridge. A view from the top of the Euromast is assured to take your breath away!

The Euromast was built in 1960 by architect H.A. Maaskant and contractor J.P. van Eesteren, to mark the occasion of Floriade, the international flower and garden exhibition. From the Euromast visitors had both a good view on the Floriade, the rebuilt city and the port. Euromast is located right in front of the city park. This city park itself is an amazing place and is ideal to spend a relaxing day at. Originally constructed to be standing at about 100metres, the pride of Euromast took a blow when several other buildings which were taller than it was constructed. This resulted in a further 85 metres was added to it through the addition of the Space Tower. At a height of 185m to the spire it is the 2nd tallest structure in Rotterdam (after KPN-toren). A slow moving revolving gondola takes you on a guided tour to the very top of Euro mast. The view from the highest point is incredible. One can get a bird’s eye view and can fully appreciate the port of Rotterdam, Erasmus bridge and even the Rotterdam central station from the top of the Euromast!  On a clear day it is even possible to see the city of Antwerp from the top of the Euro mast.

The Euromast also features a rather cool restaurant which served some incredible items on the menu. Apparently it also boasts having an excellent suite, which however was too expensive for me! One of the best aspects of Euromast would be that it does not charge too much to get to the very top. In a very flat country the Euromast is a place which one should go to in order to catch a bird’s eye view of city if not the nation.







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