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Katwijk at night – the pictures + ISS


so I finally managed to upload pictures from that night at the beach. If you haven’t read it then let me remind you this was me being silly and riding to beach at Katwijk leaving Leiden at 11 p.m. In the end it was full of fun and adventure. Obviously I was going to be the only one at the beach that late but I found it quite relaxing, albeit a bit scary too. Anyway here are some pictures I took that night:

SAM_1483Proof that I was there.


SAM_1487The bike, the bridge and the Moon

It was a moonlit night which added to the nightscape. Personally, I don’t see why the bridge exists when you can actually walk under it and get to the beach faster. Perhaps during the day you aren’t allowed to do that and the bridge would then better control human traffic?


I wish I could remember who this is supposed to be. I was too busy trying to get a picture that I forgot to read details. Also I took this on my way back and so didn’t have much energy left.

SAM_1537Homeward bound

I should also mention that on my way back I was testing how good my camera was to take pictures of stars(answer: not very good) when I spotted a faint object moving across the sky. I had watched numerous videos of it to realize that this was the International Space Station or the ISS. Here is what it actually looks like(not with the naked eye though):

ISSThere are several websites which allow you to check when the ISS is going to be over your city or town. But this is the one I usually use and the one that confirmed my sighting that night:

and the following link tracks the space station live:

I hope you get to see it soon. If you have a better idea or advice please don’t forget to post it as a comment below.

Take care!


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