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Bring me my clothes!

SAM_1570Oh the joys of travelling. You spend days relishing the moment you leave for the airport, prepare well in advance with early packing, perfect itinerary etc and then you realize you made a schoolboy error – packing all your clothes in the check-in luggage!

Last week I left for Warsaw where I am on a summer internship at the moment. I had been excited about the programme ever since I learnt I had been accepted in May. I booked my flights in time, arranged for all other logistics but like I said packed all my clothes in the check-in bag. This shouldn’t really be an issue except that on short transit flights luggage often doesn’t arrive at your final destination until well after. In my case this was nearly 40 hours later after several phone calls and panic attacks. Somehow I didn’t drive away my colleagues although I did shower more than usual in the interim ūüėõ

Anyway, so I haven’t been out and about much but will try to post interesting things as they occur. Most of what I saw was on my way from the airport and I think I managed to capture a minister being inducted into the government(that’s what the taxi driver said):




I plan to see more places in the coming weeks and will share whatever comes my way. Take care!

Must watch movie # 12

the-terminal-152285Summer is here and I am sure like me many of you will be making their way to one town or another. If you find packing bags boring or strenuous then I suggest you watch the Tom Hanks’s ‘The Terminal’. He plays a passenger visiting New York only to find that his passport is no longer valid due to a revolution back home in¬†Krakozhia. This also means that he can no longer travel back home and as a result for the moment his life is confined within the arrivals terminal. What follows is a hilarious and heart-warming battle between the stern immigration officials and a thrifty man determined to reach his final destination – which is revealed only at the very end. Enjoy!

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