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A stroll in the park

So over the weekend I finally decided to explore a bit of Warsaw. Unfortunately, I had been unwell on Saturday and so also spent most of my Sunday indoors. That and the incessant rain didn’t help. My grandma once said, ‘With illness it’s usually all in the mind’.  It had just stopped raining and I had killed enough mosquitoes for the day to stay indoors any longer.  I was finally on my way to explore Warsaw. Soon I was on the road but realized that while I had my camera with me, I had forgotten to bring along a map. But I decided to carry on in the spirit of adventure.

I don’t live near the city centre but there are supposed to be quite a few important places around.  15 minutes in and I was now outside what seemed like a public park. The ‘no-dogs’ symbol on the gates encouraged me to take a look around (stray and/or wild – dogs are my nemesis). It didn’t seem too busy and a long stretch between trees on either side reminded me of the many horror movies I have watched. Anyway I braved it and soon realized this was more of a botanical garden. There were no street lights and it was getting dark. Now I was even more thankful for the ‘no-dogs’ rule. Although while I was on the long stretch every few minutes something would whiz past triggering my caveman senses.

As I walked deeper there were now lakes, birds and I could now hear music being played in the distance. Following the music I managed to exit this huge park but not before passing palace like buildings. In the end that’s what they turned out to be – palaces. This was the Royal Baths Park, the largest park in Warsaw and I am living 15 minutes away and had no clue. Amongst the many famous structures here is the Palace on water which also serves as an art museum and is quite picturesque.


The bridge where I took this picture also honours the Polish commander and king John III Sobieski who led in the Battle of Vienna in 1683 between the OttomanTurks and Christian Europe. Unlike many other monuments, the statue survived the two world wars and has needed little renovation.



The music was getting louder as I walked through another dark street, only, this one had a police van patrolling up and down every few minutes. The police beacon was pretty much the only source of light until I reached the site of the concert. At first I thought it was a ticketed event as there was significant security. But it was a free event so I joined in for what was the last 20 minutes of the show. The band playing is called Varius Manx and they played decent music.


Here is a clip – sorry for the poor recording skills!

Must watch movie # 13

I watched this about 4 years ago. It was the first film on a free streaming website when I searched for horror. I must say most people have never even heard of it. The story is quite simple. A couple decide to spend their weekend by a lake in countryside.  Unfortunately for them a group of spoilt teenagers decide to spend their weekend on the same spot and begin disrupting the couple’s plans. An altercation follows which lasts the weekend and ends in bloodshed for both parties. There is no ghost in this story but the events and the setup are enough to send chills down your spine.

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