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Not all those who wander are lost.

During my time spent abroad I have come to realize that apart from my studies in Leiden all the traveling I have done are some of the most important experiences that I will take home with me. Below are a few words I have penned down with regard to this.


I love traveling; it’s something that really captivates me like nothing else. I have traveled my fair share but would like to travel even more because I believe that whenever I visit a new place I discover something new about myself which is hitherto unfamiliar. It excites me like little else when I discover something new about myself in an unfamiliar zone. My enthusiasm spirals up and an adrenalin rush takes place whenever I discover new places through traveling. It helps me feel better to know that I’ll be taking home something which I learned from the different places I’ve been to. I would like to preferably stay in a locality which would enable me to capture the true essence of a place. I am never particular about staying in the lap of luxury. Having visited about 18 countries and being an itchy feet have had an incalculable upshot on the way in which I see myself and the World.

The exposure to unfamiliar food and smells, meeting interesting people, sleeping on the floor if one has to, all these experiences enables us to see our Country in a different perspective. One matures into a truly global citizen. One would no longer be ignorant of the true impact of globalization, one would realize that Global warming is something which is already at our door-steps, one would realize that for some people their daily survival depends on walking 10 miles a day to just get a couple of buckets of water. In short, it enables one to see the World from a platform which is a cut above the rest.

I read extensively and I have traveled all around the World through my imagination, someday I hope that my body also visits all those places, for there is nothing as therapeutic and rejuvenating as traveling to soothe one’s Soul.

As one becomes older one is bound by new responsibilities and one has to make sure that he doesn’t lose sight of what is important. During one’s younger days one has control of one’s circumstances and one’s view of the World is still being formed, this is the perfect time to travel.

Most importantly as a person looks back on his life he should never have any regrets and traveling is a way to make sure that you are able to convince yourselves that you have led a full and fruitful life. Traveling will put you out of your comfort zones and this changes you like not many can, it will compel one to think of the world at large at not just about oneself.
So Travel, for the World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

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