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Midnight-walk for a good cause

Last Friday as I was returning from a dinner I passed through Beestenmarkt(near the station) at about 11:30 pm. I was surprised they were having a concert that late or having one at all! Anyway I made a quick dash to find out who was playing and it turned out that there had been a poster about this hanging outside my office all week – ha. This was of course the ‘Leiden midnight walk’. I saw a poster about this even last year but just like back then had assumed it to be a mere tourist event where one would take a stroll around the city at night. Well I was glad to find out that I was partially correct but was impressed to learn that this is done for a noble cause. Since 2009, ‘midnight walk’ has been raising money for women and children who’ve been victims of domestic violence – the charity they support is called ‘Rosa-Manus’

SAM_1671The walk began at around 8 p.m with several performances in between. I reached here in the dying minutes when the last band was playing. I believe they are called ‘De Slechte’ but I might be wrong. Perhaps next year if I am still in Leiden I might actually go on the walk – although (un)surprisingly most of the participants seemed to be twice my age! Here is my attempt at capturing the final moments – sorry about the shakiness – perhaps I was enjoying too much 🙂

Must watch movie #15

If you are looking for comedy that speaks to you directly then there is nothing better than ‘the inbetweeners’. It started as a tv series in 2008 and given it’s popularity a movie was always on the cards. The first film was released in 2011 and it’s sequel this summer. Basically it is about 4 socially awkward friends who were together in school. There is a geek, an idiot, a creep and a clueless but together they form a lovable group. The jokes may seem childish at first but they are actually hilarious, just like the rude terminology used throughout the series+films. Yes there is a lot of swearing but given the context we can all relate to it I am sure. Have fun!

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