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One Stadium & 2 Clubs.

Even though I am from a country which is not traditionally football mad, I somehow ended up being a complete football nut. One of the best things of studying in Europe is the pro-football culture which I find over here.

Recently when I visited a friend of mine in Turin, Italy I had to take a flight initially to Milan. This detour was mainly done not because I am a fashion aficionado, but because Ryan Air has some incredible cheap flights between Eindhoven and Milan, I got my return tickets for about 40 euros. However taking such a detour also left me with a conundrum, I had about 6 hours to spend in the city before I left for Torino, there was only one thing which came to my mind, visit the Guiseppe Meazza San Siro, one of the most hallowed football stadiums in the World without a shadow of doubt.

Having lived in Holland for a considerable period of time, Italy can be a bit of a surprise. This is so since almost everyone in Holland speaks English as opposed to this English is not the preferred language in Italy, to say the very least. However I somehow managed to figure out how to get to San Siro. After a few minutes spent on the subway and a further 15 minutes of walking I had finally reached my destination.

The stadium is breathtaking to say the very least, the site were so many legendary matches took place, including the finals of the 1990 World cup. This stadium is also the home ground of two of the most revered teams in Italy, Internazionale and AC Milan. Visiting this stadium is an opportunity for every football fan of being present in the same arena which has been trampled upon by some of the biggest champions in football’s history. The tour of the stadium also involved access to the locker room of both the teams, and also gives access to the famous tunnel entrance to the field, at the end of which I was able to get a view of the ‘ Scala del Calcio’. The stadium tour ended with access to the media room of both the clubs.

Afterwards I was also able to visit the museum of San Siro which houses the countless trophies won by these two teams among other souvenirs. This museum essentially tells the story of the two clubs thorough unique heirlooms such as historic shirts (Pele, Maradona, Cryuff, Zidane among others), match day footballs and boots.

In short if you are a football fan and find yourselves in Milan this is one experience which you should not miss out on.

The Dutch Connection.

The Dutch Connection.



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  1. OMS512 (@OMS512)
    September 24, 2014

    i envy you 😛

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