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Dagje uit & Day out 3 – Yes I’m eating out again

Hi everyone, my name is Foodie and I can’t live without food. Food is my life and my life is all about food. This time, I went out for food that came from both the East and the West.

1. Vapiano

IMAG1948 IMAG1947

I’ve heard nice things about Vapiano before but I have never tried it out. One evening after class, my friends and I decided to give up on cooking for that evening and indulge ourselves with some nice food. We were cycling and suddenly stopped in front of Vapiano. There was a magical voice singing above our heads, “welcome in ♪” And thus we unconsciously sat down and ordered our food. The food there absolutely took away all of our tiredness on a Thursday evening. They might have not been the best spaghetti in the world; but I promise you won’t regret being there for a very fancy dinner. You can actually see how your dishes were made; how I wish I had the skills of making the fantastic Italian cuisine… 🙂

2. Burgerz


Those fries. yum!

IMAG1965 IMAG1960 IMAG1959 IMAG1958 IMAG1954

When I’m writing this post I suddenly realized most of my friends are foodies as well. I’m sure that’s the most important reason why we became such good friends. It was another tiring Thursday evening, my lovely foodie friend was cycling with me again, and we still did not want to head home and cook. A few months ago, my friend and I went for “Burgerz”, but they were closed when we dropped by. How sad! This time, finally, luck found us and offered us fabulous experiences of the senses of smell, touch, taste, and also seeing. This funky place is slightly pricey, but it is definitely a must-go for wannabe hipsters and creative food lovers.

3. Shabu Shabu


Satisfied being a vegetarian


I was just told that this is not a restaurant opened by Japanese people but who cares if they’ve got nice stuff? One day I was taking Tram 17 home from Scheveningen and I noticed a fancily furnished Japanese restaurant on my way. The next day I dragged my Japanese friends there and we all enjoyed ourselves a lot having Asian food (away from our homes). All-you-can-eat is one of the highlights of Shabu Shabu, check it out if you would like some Asian amazement!

4. Suzuran


Tempura Vegetables

IMAG2036 IMAG2033 IMAG2030

This was not a Thursday evening but a Wednesday evening. What remained as the same pattern is: after a great but enduring choir rehearsal, I had another friend who gave up on cooking and went to the city center with me for nice food. We went to Suzuran (it is another restaurant that was closed when I wanted to eat there some time ago). This is a very cozy little restaurant where food is simple but very yummy.

More posts about food will follow soon! For now… you may make plans for your up-coming food explorations 😉


I had Magnum Limited Version with my friends as well! ❤Magnum Dolce & Gabbana❤

I had Magnum Limited Version with my friends as well!
❤Magnum Dolce & Gabbana❤

——by Xueyan Xing, coming all the way from China, studying at Leiden University College The Hague

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