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Wondering and wandering in Leiden

You would think that in a tiny city like Leiden you would get bored after having lived here for a while. But it’s really amazing how much effort people put into making great events happening throughout the year, and how the city keeps surprising you. Starting around the Koningsdag in April, until the drie Oktober where Leiden celebrates its victory against Spain, there’s something nice happening almost every weekend on the streets of Leiden.

Last week the yearly “Geluksroute” was on again, two days where happiness is shared, given and plucked all around town. Cafés, shops and businesses offer little activities and surprises, you can just walk around and pluck some luck on the way. Sharing happiness doesn’t cost anything, but you always come home feeling a little bit richer.


“Point of Happiness”


Reading chair to read books to children (of all ages?)




Because who wouldn’t be happy meeting such a friendly donkey?

This weekend, you can participate in the “Kunstroute,” where all the artists in and around Leiden open their doors and show their work. Not only are there special exhibitions in the museums, there is art shown literally all around town. Small galleries, exhibitions and otherwise presented artwork in all kind of locations are inviting you to wander around and get inspired and surprised. You can get a little booklet that presents all the artists and includes a map with the locations at the museum De Lakenhal. No matter if you pick specific artists who you want to see or whether you just wander around without a map, you will surely stumble upon the “Kunstroute” signs everywhere, and you will definitely discover at least one thing that makes you happy or gets you thinking or simply wondering.


Starting point: Museum de Lakenhal


Discovering hidden backyards


A wish and a tiny wild strawberry

My highlight this year was the art presented in the Meelfabriek. The location – an old abandoned flour factory where you can see old machineries – seems like a huge work of art in itself. Moreover, the place was creatively used, and it felt like a little discovery expedition to walk all the way up.


At the Meelfabriek


Old machinery in the meelfabriek – art or no art?


I can’t tell, but it was great!



Amazing portraits in the Meelfabriek


View from the top

Unfortunately, there’s always so much more to see and do than time and tired legs allow for, but since it’s also all for free, you can also go out two days. There is still some time left today, so if you haven’t been out yet, you might want to put your shoes on now and go for a spontaneous little wander and wonder… Enjoy!


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