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Friends Are the Family We Choose

I know that Thanksgiving is more than a month away. I also know that I should be working on an essay right now, if not studying for the midterms. But… I just thought of some people in my life and remembered some of the conversations I had in the past few days. Which made me want to go up to my friends and give them each a hug.

Friendship is certainly not about who you’ve known the longest. It’s not about how many hours or years you’ve spent together. Especially when you are studying abroad and you are miles away from your family, the friends you have become your second family, the family that you choose. They are the ones you share everything with, celebrate special days with, laugh and cry with, get sick and get well with. Here in Holland, I met wonderful people who became a part of my life and a part of me. They became my second family. They’ve supported me, inspired me and made me feel thankful for having them in my life.

They kept me going at times where I thought I didn’t have the courage to do things or go places. They told me that I can. They told me that I’m worth it. They told me that I was going through a rough time but that it would be okay, even when I didn’t realize how that period was affecting me. They helped me let my guard down and then help me make it out without a scar. At times, they’ve known me better than I know myself. They warned me. They got worried about me. They helped me even when I didn’t think that I needed help. They did all that before I even asked.

When you find your second family whatever you do, don’t let them go. Cherish them. Let them know how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them being a part of your life.

Me? I am lucky to have quite a few of those family members in my life and I want to thank them for everything that they are and everything that they do and I guess this piece is my way of doing so.

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