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Scavenger Hunt The Hague – Student Version


What to do on a Friday evening in The Hague? Well, this question would require me blogging for years just about that topic. It would require years of research in bars, clubs, events, beers and who to go out with.
Now imagine, you can have all of this in just one evening? is there a better way to explore known and unknown parts of the city than in form of a pub crawl?
Got ya, we randomly combined two games: a scavenger hunt (game 1) in form of a pub crawl (game 2) – student like! Hence, we organized ourselves into teams of 4 or 5, started in the center of The Hague at 10pm and had 2,5 hours to complete as many tasks as possible ( the organizers created a whole lists of tasks from which we could choose). These tasks were not only embarrassing, but – trust me – we had a really really good time.

5 beers Battle of the Majors

Firstly, we engaged with some security people of the college building to take a selfie with a duck face,; then – after failing to complete some weird tasks – we decided that it was time for a beer. (ok, admitted, we already had some before we actually started…, but hey. It’s a pub crawl, righ?! )
Group Picture
So, we went into a pizzeria where we managed to actually finish several tasks at a time: we got an empty pizza box, pretended to be working there, and got Italian beer. However we needed to have beer bottles from 5 different countries: so 4 to go: Off we went to Fiddlers! Got some beers, met some other people from our university pub crawl and I ended up chugging a pint of beautiful German Weißbier: at least, those tasks served as an excuse to do so and commit to stereotypes…^^

Next to this, we found each other bonding with a Norwegian tourist group to sing a birthday song for us, made new friends in a karaoke bar that invited us to sing along with them, pretended to get married with a stranger on the street, acted out to be a Chinese family at Chinatown gate, gave sexual education to 16 year olds at McDonalds… – and – guess what: had more yummy “lekker beerjes” (and of course – everything well documented)
Do you now think: “that is ridiculous. Why?” – well, we had an excuse to have fun – and it was amazing! Recommendable for all ages, cites, towns, bars, clubs, students, nations… but best: in The Hague!
Kiss Bartender
If we won? we will get to know on saturday…






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