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All We Got Is Each Other

I have dreaded writing this piece for a long time or for what felt like a long time. I had a hard time putting words together, never seemed to find the right ones… But I suppose I don’t have to tell you this, as we have all been left somewhat speechless, caught off-guard, been shocked, scared, saddened and the list goes on… Surely there are many things to talk about… And we should talk about them, we should have discussions, we should exchange our opinions. But this is not what I will do here and now.

What I want to say is a little different. I am scared of polarization. Always have been and probably always will. The main reason being that I have seen many examples of it around the world as well as in the country I am from. So this piece of writing is only a plain reminder. A reminder that I hope will make a change, even if the slightest of changes.

This is a time to connect. All we got is each other and we need to realize this not-sooner-or-later but now, right now. At this exact moment we need to realize that the only thing that can get us out of this mess is humanity. Not a religion, not a race, not a nation… It is humanity as a whole. We are the ones who can change things and we are the ones who can save us. I believe the best example of this would be all the demonstrations that took place today in the memory of those killed by gunmen at the offices of satirical French weekly Charlie Hebdo. People came together today, for peace, for solidarity and to condemn violence and hatred.

In the battle between good and evil, it is only up to us to decide which one wins. So let’s make this world a better place to live, one day at a time.

I wish us all a year of peace and togetherness.

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