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The pearl of the Zuiderzee

One place in Holland which has a huge reputation of drawing in tourists is the laidback town of Volendam. Recently when I visited this petit town, I was taken by surprise as regards how much this place has to offer.

Welcome to Volendam.

Welcome to Volendam.

Voldendam has the nickname of , “the pearl of the Zuiderzee”, and for good reason too! It is very obvious why this town is very popular among the artists who are drawn in by the picture perfect background that is offers.  Dutch towns, including Leiden, are really beautiful but Voldendam stands out in a way since this is the place which is mostly associated with all the traditional Dutch clichés, which one mostly associates The Netherlands with. There are plenty of opportunities available here for one to take pictures with a traditional costumes which is still worn on folklore events. I also came to know that the dialect of Dutch that is speaken in Voldendam is a tough one to comprehend for even native speakers of the language. This town also stands out because it is home to a harbor time and one can associate this place with having with a fisherman’s atmosphere. It is also great fun to walk around the centre of the town with its maze like streets! The old town is also home to the 15th century St. Nicolas Church, Old Town Hall, Edam Museum, and Carillon.

Main street of Volendam.

Main street of Volendam.

What makes Voldendam more special are the bronze statues which one can find in this town, these are dedicated to the fishing industry and the people who worked for it, a very nice tribute!


This town is situated at the mouth of the Iji river and also has a museum which is about the history and traditional clothing of the town. One thing I missed out was taking a ferry to the nearby island by the name of Marken. I came to know that this place is mostly known its wooden houses,some houses are placed on wooden poles, to protect them from the water

Visiting Voldendam is also convenient as it allows one to slither into a whole different world at the same time being no more than 20km from Amsterdam. So take a day off, relax and see the provincial side of The Netherlands!

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