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Being “Dutch” in The Philippines

Studying abroad at Leiden University does not only mean taking courses in The Netherlands, but also taking part in fascinating university programs. So, after I found the “International Field Course on Water and Water Management in The Philippines” of the Anthropology Department Leiden, I applied immediately and well: Here I am – Somewhere in the middle of nowhere in The Philippines –  why others are enjoying the Semester Break right now with fun activities like skiing, snowboarding, pleasure vacations or travelling, nerd Thomas is taking part in an academic course! Okey, okey, I am quite – there might be worse things than being in the Philippines.

Anyways, while being in Holland as a German, you are often just seen as the expat – the foreigner who is trying to integrate, but fails. Here, in a course where 12 students are from Uni Leiden and 12 from a Philippines University, you are one of the “Nederlanders”. And when we made Dutch dinner and prepared Stroopwaffels and Goude-Cheese, it was the first time when I actually felt like: “that’s home”. Quite funny that you have to go to the other side of the world to start seeing Holland as something like a home.

However, its not that easy… When the Course Coordinator introduces us, he makes it quite clear that there are 11 Dutch, and 1 German… There you are, trying to integrate and everybody sees you as “The GERMAN”. Oh well, I’m trying, and if the dutchies don’t accept me, I might just stay here since It’s more Fun in The Philippines.

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