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Delft says “tot ziens” to its old railway viaduct

On Saturday, everyone had the chance to climb up the Deftse railway “bridge” for the first and also for the last time. On Monday (March 9, 2015) it will be taken down. The “Bridge” is a double track track viaduct, which was in use since 1964.


The new railway station (opened on February 28, 2015) is already waiting for the trains to come on an underground way. In the beginning two tracks will be used, and until 2020 two more are going to be constructed… this is the sound of the future.


Classic Delftse Blue and White 

Let´s go back to the start of my trip to Delft today. In the morning I bought a htm day ticket (6,50€) and took the tram line 10 from Station “Centrum” in Den Haag, which went directly to Delft. A day ticket is a good opportunity if you want to travel around with busses and trams. If you did some shopping, you can just go back home and then hit the road again, for no extra surcharge. Such trips are more expensive with an OV Chipcard.

The day was bright and sunny, best conditions to have a look around in small but beautiful Delft. I went out of the tram at Station “Prinsenhof” and already saw many people walking on the old railway viaduct. They came to “pay their last respect” to the bridge, which had been in duty for more than 50 years, many of the visitors even grew up with these old tracks.

IMG_0952New boots on old tacks 

Entire families with children, grandparents and dogs climbed up the staircase to take pictures and to have a look around. Often people followed the railway up until their house to photograph with such a new perspective. Under the viaduct coffee, tea and cakes were offered for free to mark the occasion.



The viaduct will be taken down on Monday but the blackberries growing next to the tracks are unaware of that and started to come into leafs already. Spring is coming!

From the viaduct one also had a great view on the tower of the Oude Kerk of Delft – or was it the tower of leaning Pisa I could see from there?! 😉 The nickname of the church is Oude Jan or Old John. The tower leans about 2 meters from the vertical!


I went along the tracks until the mill was in focus for another typical Dutch memory picture. Then it was time to say goodbye and I left the tracks on a temporary staircase. Downstairs, 2 sketches illustrate alternative plans for the future of the space underneath the former viaduct.





My personal favorite is plan A (the first picture). I’m curious to see the progress with the construction work, next time I’ll be in Delft!

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  1. Millie
    March 10, 2015

    Nice to read from you again! Your Posts are allways very funny.

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