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Three days three countries: Part 3

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Weather is down again today, so I can’t help but sit here by the window reminiscing the time in Liege. Oh such was the day. Of endless walking, of stuffing ourselves with waffles, of trying out different beer flavors, of lazing out under the bright sun. Liege is probably the highlight of the trip, my personal favorite (among the 3). There’s something about Liege that is so laid back yet so fun at the same time. Oh the beer, oh the waffles!

Perhaps because this is a French-speaking city, everything seems so très chic. Makes you almost feel like you’re in Paris. Not that I’ve been there, but Liege just instantly reminds me of Paris. The cityscape, the architecture, the atmosphere, the street musicians, the mixture of people, the fancy streets sided by murky corners. I just fell in love with Liege.

We arrived at LiègeGuillemins Station in the evening. Mind you, the station itself is an attraction. Very avant-garde. The bnb owner was kind enough to pick us up, and my first bnb experience turned out to be absolutely pleasant. After unpacking, we headed  downtown to join the 2 guys in our group, who chose to couchsurf. Just couldn’t wait for the beer lol. The meeting proves that it’s always better to befriend a local, as the couchsurfing host was so amazing that after chilling out in the bar he took us to every corner of Liege to introduce his highly recommended eateries, chocolate shops, concept studios and mandatory tourist attractions. We strolled around until 12 midnight, and concluded that we pretty much covered the whole city. But everything was closed of course. So we went to sleep, feeling content, and anticipating the real trip.

Morning started with a baguette. As I said, Liege is very French, so it can’t go wrong. Munching on my baguette du chocolat, I just had the feeling that our Liege tour is gonna be all about food…


The breakfast place

Photo 14-03-15 10 52 22

1,20 EUR

With a semi-satisfied stomach (I can always have 1 more…), we began to explore the city under daylight. Liege Cathedral is one of the must-sees, and everything else is pretty much in its proximity.



Afterwards, we just pigged out. Very conveniently, the cathedral is located in one of the main streets and is right in front of a popular waffle place called Pollux.


The shop is behind the red thingy lol

Plain waffles but so much love. 2 EUR each.




Such eye candy

We finally felt full, mentally and physically. So it’s time to head to the place where we felt both scared and excited about the night before: Montagne de Bueren – the super steep stairs consisted of 374 steps! It was not as tiring as I expected, and the view from up high is certainly rewarding.


Taken the night before, looking upwards


What it’s like from above. You really need to see the real thing.

The hike pretty much drained most of our energy, so we did not hesitate to seek the comfort of waffles, this time in the so-called best waffle place in Liege! (which is really close to the stairs)

IMG_0909I can just live in this waffle heaven called Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette forever~

And then we called it a day with some ice cream (!). The night was nothing special, we just hung out in the bnb and ate self-cooked hotpot. But everyone was happy.


I have to stop here since it’s lunch time and the pics are just… unbearable. Hope you’re not hungry when you read 😛

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