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Leiden Sunshine

It’s midterm week, and the weather just can’t be anymore discouraging. We’re missing sunshine for 5 consecutive days now, and I don’t dare to hope for anything, because, well, Dutch weather can be a total b*tch. But no hard feelings! It will just make you appreciate the sun more than you every think you would, especially if you’re from somewhere tropical.

Before arriving in the Netherlands, nobody ever warned my anything about the weather. Nobody! I mean, as long as I’m not going to London, things should be pretty much the same everywhere, right? Beware, that’s certainly wrong. Dutch weather can hit you hard. It can shock you and it can amaze you. One day it can be beautiful sunshine and the next day you are gone with wind and lost in the fog and drown in a storm of hailstones. So you will love it and you will hate it.

Dutch weather can be dramatic. Even on a beautiful sunny day, it can be a bit… too beautiful for your liking. As an Asian, I thought I’ve experienced the most scorching sun, but my eyes still hurt terribly under the sun in Leiden (so do prepare a good pair of sunglasses!). Nonetheless, gorgeous sunshine is gorgeous, and Leiden is always most beautiful under the sun. Let me bring out some of my goodies, in hopes of brightening our gloomy examination week. IMG_0756Terraces by the canals: Best place to enjoy the sun


Don’t be surprised if you see people flocking out the streets on a sunny day. It’s Dutch custom to leave everything behind and appreciate the precious day of beautiful weather.


 You just have to go outside and dine under the sun.IMG_0763

Beauty is accentuated.


Walking along this path only makes you feel at peace.


We can all be tourists for a day.


Even the bikes look more lovely under the sun.

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