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Episode 2: Living in Holland -The Conjunction between Consumers & Retailers-

It was Wednesday in early March (04 March 2015); I was on the way back home from my Faculty of Archaeology at Leiden Bio Science Park. Every Wednesday and Saturday there is the open market in city centre. I usually buy mixed olives and nuts every Wednesday; but more people with family and boy/girlfriends gather on Saturday.

I needed my new notebook and glue; hence I bought mixed olives first and went into the department store; there are several department stores but the one near open market is the biggest.

I went up to men’s wear at first floor; there is school items corner near the men’s wear. I moved my step towards notebooks; there were not many my type notepads; among them one attracted my eyes; it was a spring-typed black background with white letters notepad; I was extremely glad to find what I like to buy; therefore, I picked one up and went to the front desk to pay my notebook.

Nevertheless, the cashier looked fairly embarrassed; and he began to find something; then went to the notepads corner to check mine; several minutes later, when he came back, he told me my notepad is not sold by single one; I was astonished and surprised; because I believe it was much better than other designs.


I asked him for double checking; additionally, I liked to identify it in person by my eyes; I followed him and saw the notebook corner; he picked a bundle of notepad to my eyes; they were the same as what I chose; he started explaining why I could not buy it; the bundle was €6.30 for three notepads; nonetheless, I did not need such three copies; hence, I argued with him and explained the reason why I want only a copy for my study; but he answered it is the department store policy.

I felt extremely bad; because the department store did not allow consumers to choose what they want; it is a sort of limitation to band shopping; even though I realised the situation was quite not fair, there was nothing I can do; eventually, I decided to compromise the policy; and chose a supplementary notepad; it was the same design but only used for complement.

After payment, I stopped at nut mobile store and obtained a pack of mixed nuts; then, immediately came back to my home; I glued at the corner of my notepad; and repeated it several times; practically, I did not understand their policy; consequently, they neither sold the bundle of notepads nor persuaded me; and I purchased my new notebook; although it was not a spring notepad, I would be able to apply it for my financial management book; sometimes, I am surprised due to very different ways of thinking between the East and the West, in particular in Europe; only what I hope is allowing consumers to select what they want liberally.

Let consumers be free!!!

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