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Advertisment by Grafitti

This weekend if you walked down Haarlemmerstraat, the longest shopping street in Leiden, you may have noticed a number of gecko lizards curled up on the street, apparently sleeping. They were part of a campaign by some young girls who were trying to garner attention toward the Scholieren Filmfestival Leiden (SFL), a relatively small and independent film festival happening 13-17 April in Leiden. SFL is a subsidiary of the Leiden International Film Festival, and was created by students from 5 different high-schools.

I first found these two doing grafitti, before the others showed up.

I first found these two doing grafitti, before the others showed up.

Yes it's a haiku

Geckos everywhere. Geckos for no real reason.
Chalk drawings to share.

I was on my way home, after a super awesome spontaneous sushi dinner at a friend’s place, when I saw someone drawing on the ground. Not having my camera, I had to continue home to grab it and my tripod if I wanted to catch this vandal in action. When I arrived back on scene SFL had been scribbled all over the place, and a circus of lizards lay scattered down the (quite long) street. I learned that the drawings were in chalk, and that there was actually a host of chalk-wielding ladies.

As a journalist, I was pleasantly surprised that these girls were breaking the norm to express creativity, and said I would promote their event to the international students of Leiden University here.

I asked one girl named Rosa how long each lizard took to draw. “Only a few seconds,” she said, showing me the stencil with which they were made. Even so, only a few seconds apiece could add up to a long time when I considered there were hundreds of the gecko drawings on the street. Quite the dedication!

So, if you are free on 13-17 April, go check out the SFL at Lido Cinema. During the day the films aren’t open for the public, but in the evening it’s open for everyone. Every evening they will show 5 different films; a combination of previews, world cinema (films that are neither in Dutch nor in English), and films you wouldn’t normally see in the cinema.

Guilty of no crime, these girls stood proud with their gecko stencils.

Guilty of no crime, these girls stood proud with their gecko stencils.

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One comment on “Advertisment by Grafitti

  1. Molly Maison
    April 7, 2015

    Pity they were washed away by the rain the very next day! 🙂

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