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The Mauritshuis shines again!

One Friday afternoon I visited the Mauritshuis – 13:00 o´clock – no bad time to go to the museum. The queue extended only to the corner, later we saw that people were waiting in a queue that reached even around corner.


The main attraction, the New York Frick Collection, can be visited until May 10, 2015. For the first time various exhibits from this collection were borrowed to the Mauritshuis – so you can admire them in good old Europe.

After 10 minutes of waiting, only about 20 people were left across the yard into the modern building. A cashier and a cloakroom are located below the edge of the water of the hofvijers.


Students pay 11 €, a fair price, the cloakroom is also included.

Firstly, we trotted off into the permanent exhibition of the Mauritshuis.

I only want to say very little about the pictures – I´m not really an expert in the field of art, either I like it or I don´t. Everyone has to make his or her own image!

Most hustle and bustle was in front of the “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. A beautiful oil painting of an imaginative woman, by the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer – a huge attraction! I always had the feeling – no matter from which angle I was looking – the woman´s eyes were always following me around.

Some highlights of the exhibition:

Particularly large: The Bull by Paulus Potter, showing a bull, a ram, a cow and an ewe with their herder. Where could I fit such a painting? Probably nowhere in my apartment, since it measures 235.5cm x 339cm!


A particularly small, were the painting depicting tasty looking wild strawberries.


Particularly colorful were the countless paintings of flower arrangement – matching the incredibly beautiful bouquet by the staircase. And these flowers were even real!

IMG_0886 IMG_1022

Particularly amusing to me were the innumerable images, on which I spotted people sleeping … Once you have started paying attention to it, you have you will see people taking power naps in many, many pictures.


I also discovered a number of “ugly” dogs in this exhibition… very entertaining


Have fun in the permanent collection – and let me know if you have also spotted some funny details in the paintings during your visit!

Being already in the museum, we also wanted to visit the special Frick Collection.

This required more patience; a long queue was already lined up in front of the entrance, since only a small group at the time was let into the collection rooms. Ups, but after 30 minutes of waiting we were finally let in!

No wonder that the museum only allows very few people at the same time, the exhibition rooms were very small and almost private.

It is very difficult to say, which of the 35 paintings or sculptures was my personal highlight of this collection. Probably, a surprisingly modern looking 750 years of Christ- representation. Unbelievable what charisma this stature still had after all these years!

Of these, unfortunately I cannot show pictures of the exhibits, taking photos was not allowed here…

Actually we wanted to go for a coffee in the museums café, but when we saw that we would have had to queue for third time on that day, we decided to rather a drink on the town square!

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