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Humanities Career Event

The end on my bachelor study is coming closer and closer and frankly speaking -like many fellow students – I still don’t have a crystal clear plan of what I want to do when I am done. The list of possibilities is endless, which exact master shall I choose, where do I start, who can contact and how can I start my career at all? Many question, the Humanities Career Event on April 9, tried to answer!


After picking up my name sign in the Arnenaal building in Leiden, I look around the information and lunch market. Besides the buffet, booths handed out flyers about how to start and use a LinkedIn profile; various organizations, companies and master universities introduced their programs and the event participants had the chance to take a professional profile picture for a LinkedIn account.


Here I also had to choose 2 workshops for the rest of the day. The list of offered workshops was long; unfortunately for many international students, most offers were in Dutch. Though luckily on the other hand was that the workshops held in English sounded promising and I had indeed a hard time deciding which one to choose. In the end I went for “Personal branding and Social media” – a lecture by Rachid Finge, a social media reporter at NOS. He held an entertaining and very interesting talk about how to use social media professionally and for career purposes. The other workshop I could have chosen in this 1st round of workshops discussed the aspects of how to start a business in China. As a second workshop I selected the lecture “Working in Brussels”, informing about career prospects at the EU, and answered questions about how to apply, the selection process and what to expect once an applicant has been chosen.

After the two workshops, I went to the last meeting of the event. About a week ago, I had received an email with the offer to send in my CV, in order to receive critical feedback – a great opportunity to have a professional view on my academic representation on paper!

On my way back to The Hague, I looked through the all the flyers, brochures and cards I had collected during the day and I can conclude that I was happy that I went to the Humanities Career Event in Leiden. I might still not have a precise plan about my path after my bachelor, but now I have a better idea of how to make a start or how to continue with the next steps!

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