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My move from Small Town, USA to The Hague

Hi! I’m Laurie, a first year at Leiden University College. As I was just at my home in the States for Spring Break, I figured it would be a nice introduction to share a bit about where I come from and why I came to LUC.

I’m All-American and was raised in a small town called Kings Park on Long Island, New York. Our town’s only claims to fame are our beaches and a giant abandoned psychiatric center which led to our town’s founding. A lot of teens take advantage of this mysterious link to our town’s past, but my mild fear of the dark and breaking laws has kept me from venturing in to the broken down buildings.

I love my hometown, but by the time I was about 16, I determined I wanted to go somewhere completely new. At first, I thought to go down south as it had a culture which was much different from mine in New York, and still in the United States. Later, I decided I didn’t need to be restricted to one country, and with my growing interest in European culture, I decided to take to the internet to find myself a new place to live.

After hours of scouring various websites for statistics on European countries, all of which I’ve never visited, I decided to go to the Netherlands. As soon as I walked into LUC, I knew it was the place I wanted to be. I loved the sense of community I felt would come by living and studying with the same people, especially because I was so far from home. I also liked the idea that our studies were based on Global Challenges, meaning the ideas we learned in class were taught in such a way in that they could be related to the “real world.”Featured image

Now, over half a year after moving in to “the bubble,” as we call our tiny campus, I couldn’t be happier. I spend a lot of time studying, but also have plenty of time to hang out with friends and explore The Hague.  Some of my favorite things to do are running and working out, traveling, and going out around The Hague and other nearby cities.

I look forward to sharing my experiences with the readers of the Leidener, and hope stories about my life here give you insight about what it’s like to live and study at Leiden University College! If you have any questions, feel free to share your comments below!

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