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Day of Taiwan

I’m really a big fan of Asian countries. Though I’ve been to most of East Asia and Southeast Asia and Taiwan has always been the next one on my list, somehow I still haven’t managed to pay a visit to this interesting country, both culturally and politically. Luckily enough, Leiden University Taiwanese Students’ Association just organized an event today called “Day of Taiwan,” and it’s the perfect opportunity for me to have a “taste” of Taiwan before physically going there.

The event consists of an indoor pop-up market, a screening of a documentary about the recent Sunflower Occupation, and finally a Q&A section. What attracted me the most is, of course, the food that they had promised to offer, as I always dream about roaming the crowded streets in Taipei trying every single snacks. And most importantly, the milk tea that I have missed for sooo long (which is hard to find in the Netherlands). The famous stinky tofu (臭豆腐) that I’m really curious about can’t be served however, but the Taiwanese students really try to let us sample a wide array of Taiwanese snacks, drinks, and street food such as the tea egg (茶葉蛋), soybean paste noodles (炸醬麵), hakka mochi (客家麻糬) and many more. Take a look!




Yay tea and milk tea!


The fruit wine sold out pretty fast


They even introduced the Taiwanese sheet masks!


There was a really talented student who sell her handmade and hand-painted crafts.


We can also learn how to use a scissor to cut the word “spring” (春).

Events like this make me really want to organize one for my own country, but until then…

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