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Kom in de Kas – A dutch day in “Greenhouse City”

If you are flying over The Hague or looking from a high building towards the west; if you are driving, cycling or taking the train in one of the suburbs of the city, you cannot not see them: the greenhouses. This dutch innovative way of agriculture does not only strongly determine the Haagse landscape, it also contributes to a large extent to the vegetable shelf of Albert Heijn.Screenshot (264)

Once a year, these greenhouses have their open day and the public has the opportunity to check out these mysterious glass buildings  from the inside.  This was the case on the 11th and 12th of April.

It was extra perfect that the “Hofstädter Musikanten” (a brassband playing German and Czech music in The Hague where I have been playing the baritone for over a year now), were performing at this greenhouse festival named “Kom in de Kas”. Thereby,  I could combine a nice 20km bike ride out of the city towards Westland with playing some music at the greenhouse festival and actually checking them out afterwards.

DSC_4151Screenshot (268)

So I left in the morning of this beautiful spring day and cycled through the city to the west with wind – of course – directly from that direction against me while I was already struggling to transport my large instrument.. well, there are more comfortable things in life…DSC_4170

At the time I made it there, it ended up being an amazingly dutch project: poffertjes, many bikes, tomatoes, and just a lovely feeling to be part of such an event. Quite impressive how large these greenhouses are in the inside, how many vegetables and even flowers they produce and how well they are managed; but the best thing was that we got to experience and see these things ourselves.

Unfortunately, at a dutch event, you also need to expect dutch weather – so it started raining and that made the ride back – with wind having turned again so it was not to my favor either – even worse. But hey, a bottle of Heineken and my dutch experience was under green light again.

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