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Swan Market in Utrecht

If you love going to all kinds of fairs and pop-up markets then you’ve come to the right country. In the Netherlands, there is always one market (or more) – let it be flea market, food market, or any outdoor market that is opened every week. Amsterdam is certainly the house of many big and popular ones, and in Leiden you must be familiar with the Wednesday and Saturday markets. Nonetheless, if you’re a fan of handmade stuffs, or if you just want to see something different for a change, the Swan Market may fit your taste. What is interesting about it is that the Swan Market is almost a concept, and that it will travel from cities to cities, from the Netherlands to Belgium. In that way it can always be an excuse for you to leave Leiden and hop off to another place for refreshment.

Last week I visited the Swan Market in Utrecht, and it was quite fun. As it is a lifestyle market, you will see a lot of crafty and creative offerings such as handmade jewelry, accessories, cards and postcards, home decorations, vintage clothing and a lot of other interesting stuff. So chances are you will see a lot of creative designers and artists showcasing their works. I find the market to be the perfect place to buy something cool for your friends, or some unique decor pieces that spice up your life a little bit. My friend and I actually ended up buying nothing, except a bottle of Apple Cider (lol) because there were too many things to choose from.

IMG_1175 IMG_1176 IMG_1182 IMG_1186 IMG_1187


Considering the nature of the market, it really attracts a lot of young people, so the atmosphere is somewhat quite hip. There are also of course a food court that sells traditional Dutch snacks like friets and poffertjes, as well as beer and so on. We also saw a tiny carousel, and a playhouse set up for kids.


All in all, it was worth the visit! And after that we did a little stroll around the city of Utrecht as well, which was also pleasant.




The next Swan Market will be held this Sunday in The Hague, so if you feel like checking it out, don’t miss this chance! Go here and also follow their Facebook page for more information!

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