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Escape Room!

A few weeks ago, residents of my floor in the Anna van Burenplein building suggested going to an “Escape Room.” At first, I didn’t think being locked in and trying to escape from a small, dark room sounded very fun. However, after seeing all of the positive responses from other floormates, I decided to give it a shot.

Last week, nine people from my floor and I found ourselves in the waiting room of a building surprisingly distant from the city center, where we would normally spend time together. After a few minutes, a young employee came in to tell us about each of the three Escape Rooms, and rules which apply to all of them. He described three different rooms, each with a different theme: KGB (Russian Police), Crazy Doctor, and Urban Legend. People from my floor participated in both the Crazy Doctor room and the Urban Legend room. I, and four other people who were too scared to do the Crazy Doctor room, decided for the Urban Legend Room.
After instructions and rules, we were lead into a small, furnished room and locked inside. Next, a video appeared on a small TV screen in the front of the room. The video displayed a young guy in a hooded sweatshirt breathing heavily, telling us how he did something to the Binnenhof (a government building in The Hague), and that we had 60 minutes before the police came. Once the video ended, the clock began counting down from an hour, and the five of us began to run around the room looking for clues.

I won’t spoil the clues for you, but I will say that it was so much fun, albeit frustrating and puzzling at the time. There were major surprises behind every lock, but we managed to finish with 7 minutes to spare.

If you want more information about having your own Escape Room experience, click here.

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