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Where Dreams Come True (for a weekend)

Last Saturday we decided to go on an adventure with a friend! An adventure called Dreams Free Festival; we had read the event description and details of the activities on the Facebook page of the event. Nevertheless we were not prepared for what this festival and its people had to offer.


Before getting into any details I would like to say: It was… magical. It indeed was a Dream Festival.

The moment we walked in we were greeted with flowers and signs with inspirational quotes on them. It was almost as if the Summer of ’69 had a comeback in 2015. There were many stands with a wide range of products, from pancakes to cocktails you could find everything. Three stages with all types of music presented by promising bands and Djs. People were in such amazing clothes! (And I am saying this as someone who is normally not even that interested in fashion but everyone had this original vibe about themselves which reflected to their clothes, styles and bright faces.)



There were so many activities all around! I saw people on unicycles, others trying to walk on a single rope, some with hula hoops around their waist; it was all so crazy! I saw a girl who had put one skateboard on top of another and was skating like that! Earlier that day there was a workshop for kids in which they painted skateboards and in the afternoon they were all skating on a kid-size platform. It was all too cute and everyone was just so happy! It was the perfect get away from the rush of the city and the busy school life.


My suggestion is, if you see a post for another Dreams Free Festival, make sure that you go. Or any other Fast Surfdorp event for that matter as the people are just lovely and you will be filled with lots of joy as it is contagious.


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