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Japanmarkt 2015

Here I am again with my Japanese craze! Before coming to Leiden I did a good go-through in our blog and was most impressed with one post about the Japanese market in Leiden. I had really been looking forward to attend the event once I got here, and finally now I am sitting here writing yet another blog post about this interesting cultural event.

At first I thought it’s going to be just like another other market I’ve seen here, but it turned out a lot different than my expectation, and in a good way. This market is quite big, not in size (no event can be considered ‘big’ in Leiden in my opinion), but in the sense that there were really a lot of people participating. If you are thinking about going next year, expect this huge crowd and that sometimes it’s almost impossible to peak in to see what they are selling or presenting. But it’s quite a lot of fun nevertheless.

The market almost feels like a Japanese cultural festival to me (maybe it is one, just that here they like to call it “market”), not only because Japanese products and Japanese food were being sold, but also because you can see cosplayers! I think this is the very opportunity for the Japanese fanatics out there to gather and really show their enthusiasm. It feels interesting also, because it is something you probably don’t get to see how often here, and it just again amazes me how Western people, or here Dutch people, are so keen on Japanese (popular) culture. Seeing people in beautiful yukata, or dressing up like some Japanese manga characters, was such a pleasure, especially for an ex-cosplayer like me. I really recommend you drop by and take a look next year, but remember to bring some cash and be mentally prepared to brace quite a large crowd of people!

download (1)

From cosplay costumes…

download (2)

…to kawaii things

download (3)

Take the chance to dress up!

download (5)


download (8)

Many clubs and organizations came to advertise their activities

download (9)

Enjoy Japanese food!

download (11)

Or not-so-Japanese food

download (12)

Second-hand books to be sold

download (19)

Of course it’s not a Japanese market without mangas

download (13)

download (15)

These 2 little girls should win best yukatas of the day!

download (14)

I think they are cosplaying Vocaloid

download (17)

Such a cute sight

download (18)

Amidst all the noise there’s a real tranquil moment here


End the day with some Japanese beverages!

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