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Summer events

Holla! It’s almost mid-June now, so I really hope that everyone can finally enjoy their summer holiday now. What are your summer plans? I am personally super excited about my grand Euro trip: I will travel to 7 countries for the next 32 days, plus my mom is coming too! Really can’t wait and I will sure blog about it 😀

Now if you’re set to travel like me, you probably have done all the plannings months in advance. But if for some reason you’re still sticking around Leiden and the Netherlands, there will be a lot of exciting things to do too! Here are a couple of events during the summer months that you may want to participate. The list is not at all exhaustive, so if you have other suggestions you’re more than welcomed to tell us!

June 12 to June 14: Pink Pop in Rotterdam (biggest open-air festival in the Netherlands)

June 13: International Give a Bubble Day in Amsterdam (everyone gathers and blows bubbles! There will be a bubble blowing flashmob as well!)

June 19 to June 21: Open Garden Days in Amsterdam (25 canal house gardens are opened to public)

June 20 to June 21: IJ-Hallen in Amsterdam (biggest flea market in Europe)

June 21: Wet & Wild Water Fight in Amsterdam (the name says it all, bring your water guns!)

Swan Market in Den Haag

June 25 to June 28: Culinair Festival in Leiden (restaurants in the city present their best dishes)

June 26: Braderie Leiden Haarlemmerstraat (an outdoor market where most of the stores sell things at cheap price)

June 28: Park Pop in Den Haag (biggest free pop festival in the Netherlands)

July 1 to July 5: Amsterdam Roots Festival (really big festival for non-western music)

July 21 to July 24: The Four Day Marches in Nijmegen (also known as Walk of the World where thousands of people walk 30-50 km/day in 4 days, there will be a festival for non-walker as well)

July 31 to August 2: Amsterdam Gay Pride (the biggest, most anticipated gay event in the Netherlands!)

Save the dates and have a wonderful summer!

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