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Finding Tranquility in Clingendael and Japanese Garden

A few weeks ago when the Japanese Garden was still open, I visited with my bestie in the morning. I have honestly never experienced such delight and tranquility before. Flowers were blooming, birds singing in the fragrance of Mother Nature. I appreciate it that I was so lucky to have the bliss to forget everything in this paradise located in the suburb of The Hague.

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When I arrived at Clingendael, the ground was still a bit wet because of the morning dew. There were barely any visitors. Sunshine leaked through the leaves and shredded diamonds of light on the blooming flowers. And the fragrance was like a fairy tale. Nothing can smell better than flowers in full bloom.

It is not difficult to get there. The Clingendael Park can be reached via Bus 18; it is right at the final stop. The Japanese Garden locates within the Clingendael Park.

Tips for future visitors: go there in early morning. If you visit it in the afternoon, you’ll probably be disappointed by crowds and noises. The real tranquility can only be found when you get to interact with the nature privately. 😉

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by Xueyan Xing, MSc student at Leiden, coming all the way from China

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