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Episode 3-Excursion for Limes in the Netherlands -Materiality is in Detail (1)

This is a story about the excursion that I participated on 19 May, this year. Due to my academic schedule for my MA thesis, I must have participated only one day. In the morning, my smartphone alarm of rooster made me awake. I took shower first and had breakfast quickly. After the breakfast, I soaked my wok and plates into the water. Besides, I went down towards bikeshed on the basement.

My destination was Neimegen Centraal by 09.30 am. I left for Leiden Cetraal station at 05.50 am. When I arrived at the station, my pocket watch was indicating 06.05 am. I approached to the ticket machine and paid my train fare with my debit card. The train was due to leave the station at 06.22 am. I went up to my train and sit on the seat. Suddenly, I realised my card was missing and ran to the ticket machine downstairs immediately. Nevertheless, there was not my card; I surveyed my pockets again and again. Fortunately, I came to find my debit card with my receipt

Portum RomanaI came back to the train and sit on the seat. It was around 6.17 am and the train started leaving Leiden Centraal slowly. Utrecht train station was quite large; there were pretty a number of platforms. I went through corridor to the platform to take the train bound towards Neimegen Centraal. However, the announcement told my train was delayed and it requires changing the platform. Hence, I moved to other platform in the middle of station platforms. It was quite chilly even if it was May; I breathed in and out deeply every 10 seconds. This breathing method is being called the La Neige breathing method by me; I am sure that it is recommendable when you feel cold or chilly in winter.

Ultimately, my train arrived at the platform and I got on the train about at 7.50 am. There were pretty many passengers there. After the first destination, one-third of people got off; I went to other chamber; I was easily able to occupy an empty seat on the window side. The outside was full of green; I browsed it for a while; it was enough to attract my sight. My pocket watch was indicating approximately 8.24 am. I confirmed it with my smart mobile device again.

It was 8.42 am when I reached Nemegen Centraal. I went out of the station and moved my step towards bus station. The rendezvous time was 9.30 am; I was able to get on the bus at 8.52 am. My destination was not far from the city centre; it only took around 15 minutes. It was nearly 9.08 am and I moved to meeting point. There was a guidance signal and a passage led into a park; there were houses around the place; a recent building was standing; and there was an inscription on its entrance Portum Romana.

To Be Continued…

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