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Episode 4-Excursion for Hadrian’s Wall in the UK -Roman Imperial Legacy & Romano-British Archaeology- Part Ⅰ

My first focus in European archaeology at Leiden University is Roman provinces, middle ages and modern period. I have been to Newcastle, the UK for excursion in March this year. Hence, I would like to share my experience to the general public who are interested in Early Medieval archaeology or Late Antiquity Europe.

The excursion was conducted as a part of my course, Frontiers of the Roman Empire. My constructor announced that we were due to visit Hadrian’s Wall in March this year. She gathered voluntary participants for the three nights and four days trip. I felt that it would be definitely helpful to prepare for my MA thesis. As a result of this, I came to participate for the excursion.

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The schedule was set up between 12 March and 15 March. My male classmates discussed the accommodation during the excursion. Besides, one of them suggested me to join their group. I agreed with him with pleasure but I realised that my close friend was schedule to visit her graduate school in March. Therefore, I changed my plan in Newcastle. I told my classmates and explained I would see my close friend. I decided to stay with them only one night. They already set up to stay via Airbnb at Monuments in Newcastle.

It was almost the end of Bloc 3 and I had course essays to submit. I hurried to write my essays but it was not easy to finish them. On 12 March, I left my room for Leiden Centraal station by bus. My pocket watch was indicating 4.12 pm. I took a train towards Schiphol Airport. About 4.42 pm, I arrived at the airport and walked to the security zone. Suddenly, my mobile rang up and I received my phone. One of my female classmates called me and she told me to have just arrived at Schiphol. I replied to wait for her just on the entrance of the security zone. 20 minutes later, she showed her up and we went through the passport customs. We chatted until approximately 7.00 pm.

Our flight was Easy-jet and the journey was normally good. My group gathered together and passed customs at Newcastle Airport. Firstly, we needed exchanging our currency from Euro to British Sterling. Even though I used to live in Britain, the automatic telling machine at the airport was not familiar.

From Newcastle Airport to city centre, we used the metro. My close female friend was due to arrive in Newcastle on Friday. I was with my male classmates. After we arrived at Haymarket, my instructor noticed she and other female students would go to accommodation. My male group should join them after we unpacked. Therefore, we got off at Central Station and waited for our host for Airbnb.

We had waited for the host near the Central Station and he welcomed us within half an hour. It was dark and my memory is not quite certain how to go to our accommodation by car. However, the accommodation looked clean and under construction. We unpacked prior to going out and chatted for a while with some cans of beer.

To Be Continued…

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