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Episode 4-Excursion for Hadrian’s Wall in the UK -Roman Imperial Legacy & Romano-British Archaeology- Part Ⅲ

My party walked to Wallsend Metro Station. It took about 40 minutes from Wallsend to South Shields by metro tube. There is the Arbeia/South-Shields Roman Fort Museum. As we walked towards museum, I was able to have an opportunity to talk with a lady. She graduated at Amsterdam but could not get a job. Therefore, she is associating with my instructor whenever she makes a plan for excursions.

The Arbeia/South-Shields Roman Fort Museum looked fairly huge. It looks like to show off the time when Roman troops had been there. Excavations there rely on donations and self-funding. Therefore, they should have long-term plans for archaeological investigations for the whole area.

Arbeia South Gate

The name of the guide was Alex and she was a real expert in the management of visitors. We had a man who has the same name and he studies Dark Age Britain at the University of Newcastle archaeologically. Most people showed interest to their names except for a minor number. Alex the guide led us into the excavated area. I felt really chilly even if it was already mid-March. I imagined the Roman soldiers who settled at this district. I know they were probably auxiliary soldiers who volunteered their military services for the Roman Empire.

Normally, it is told that archaeology is on the edge between social science and science. I agree with this, because even though we, archaeologists, study the human past throughout material evidence and it is surely based on facts and raw data, they are related to artificial objects created by people. I strongly believe that the human nature has not changed until now. The general public are partially emotional and partially reasonable. Therefore, contemporary archaeologists should remember how and why they produced objects. It is not the field of science but that of social science.

Arbeia+South-Shields Roman Fort After her guide, we went back to the city centre of Newcastle. There was a special lecture for us. The lecture was fairly interesting on the whole but partially tiresome. The voice of the lecturer was tone-downed and it sounds like whispering. However, I was definitely pleased because I was able to meet the author of my book. I asked her to write her autography on my book. The main content of the lecture was to reconsider Hadrian’s Wall whether it had all the same method for its construction or the shifted construction by each section. We were to go to Chinese restaurant after the special lecture. Everybody looked excited to have dinner.

Besides, my close friend left a text message that she stays at a hotel near central station. I contacted her and explained that I have a welcome dinner in my schedule officially. The Chinese restaurant looked popular in the city centre of Newcastle. They were maybe from Hong Kong. My table was for students. We agreed to share our meal and payment. Some of us were not good at using chopsticks. Hence, I taught them how to use their chopsticks. Of course, it was my own way and style. When my pocket watch indicated about 10.30 pm, I had to leave earlier than others due to my close friend.

To Be Continued…

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