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How to Decorate Your Room (on a budget!)

LUC apartments are enormous, but also very boring at first. Not only does decoration liven up a boring room, but it also makes a generic white room feel more like your home. As students, it’s also important to save money for the more important things in life (books, tuition, beer…), so I compiled the following list of stylish and cheap ways to make your room more your own!

Taking a small break from moving my new (free!) couch from halfway across the city

Taking a small break from moving my new (free!) couch from halfway across the city

  • Buy couches (and other items) secondhand!

Couches are good to have when your bed just doesn’t cut it, when you want more seating for guests, and as an additional surface to cover with clutter, if that’s your style.

I know of very few people at LUC who bought their couch first hand. A lot of us even get them for free! You can check (essentially a Dutch version of ebay), the LUC Buy & Sell facebook page, or The Hague Market facebook page for deals on secondhand items for your room.

  • Hang up photos!

In the rooms at Anna van Burenplein, each student gets a corkboard to pin things on. While some people use this for studious purposes, it also makes for a nice photo display that takes up nearly no room. Photos are very easy to bring from home, but you can also pick up prints at a local Albert Heijn, which is the one most common places to get groceries for us LUCers. Aside from photos, I also add random momentos like ticket stubs, a playbill from Broadway, train tickets from vacation, and cards and pictures given to me by friends. It’s an easy and damage free way to add more color to your room!

  • Shop at the right stores!

For big things like furniture, IKEA is the way to go. There’s a store nearby in delft and it is so massive and overwhelming, but also a very necessary stop for many LUC students. Also, try the meatballs, they’re fabulous.  For smaller, quirky accessories, I like Flying Tiger. It’s got mostly small trinkets, but I’ve also gotten a small rug for only 4 Euros. It also has very nice holiday decorations! It’s located right near De Passage in The Hague. I went one of my first days, and the trip also helped me to get to know The Hague a bit better. Perhaps this is obvious, but you can find cutlery and other kitchen items at Action, which is just next door to Albert Heijn. This took me some time of using plastic utensils to find out.

Good luck preparing your new room!

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