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A purrrfect date in Amsterdam

Cat lovers as we are, my friends and I had a great time yesterday at the very first cat cafe in Amsterdam (possibly in the Netherlands as well?) – Kattencafe Kopjes.

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Coming from Asia, cat cafe is no new concept to us, but it seems like one to Europeans. The owner also said that she got inspired after her trip to Japan, started all afresh and finally make her dream of building a cat paradise become real all thanks to crowdfunding! I think it’s really awesome.

The cafe is really cute with nice interior design, feels very Scandinavian to me with bright natural light, white background and warm-toned furniture.

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The place is surprisingly spotlessly clean and not smelly at all – kudos to the staff. They have 7 resident cats and they were all adopted from a shelter, so they look very “naughty,” unlike your housecats 😛 But cats being cats, they like to sleep most of the time and very often can act very cold to you, so I did wish they had more cats for us to play with. They are all cute nonetheless, that’s how cats are.

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To keep the cats healthy, guests do have to obey a few house rules. You have to reserve in advance for a 2-hour session and they only allow 20 people at a time. You cannot pick up the cats, but you can pet them of course. You cannot feed the cats, as the owner jokingly tells us one cat is kind of obsessed with food and can trick you into feeding her by being cute.

You have to pay an entrance fee of 3 EUR per person, and pay separately for food and drink. Their menu is really reasonably priced and things taste really good so do try some. We tried the homemade lemonade and salted caramel brownie and enjoyed them very much!

For reservation and more information, check out their website here.

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