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Eating Out: Vietnamese delight in The Hague

As budget study-abroad students, we all learn to cook by ourselves and for ourselves, especially when we live in a pricey European country like the Netherlands. Nonetheless, if you’re like me, every once in a while you probably feel like treating yourself to something nice, something different from the things you cook, or you just simply want to hang out with your friends on good occasions and one of the popular activities is definitely eating out. The sad thing is that it’s not easy to find some decent place, meaning affordable price and good food, in Leiden, particularly during lunch. Fortunately enough, we can always go to our “next-door” neighbor whose eating (and even shopping) scene is much more vibrant. I would totally suggest you and your friends spend a day in The Hague if you want to hang out and do something fun.

As a Vietnamese, I’m really fond of our traditional cuisine, and my friends are too! We decided to check out this quite famous Vietnamese bar restaurant called Little V in The Hague after reading a lot of positive reviews about them. And they do not disappoint!

What I like the most is the concept of the restaurant. The interior and atmosphere make it feel very casual but also very cool and stylish. I really love the rustic wooden hand-painted chairs and tables.


My friend ordered Banh Canh (chicken broth with chicken, shrimps and udon noodles) and I ordered the Streetstyle Lunchbox (4 layers of surprise dishes) which is totally a pleasant delight! The stacked lunchbox reminds me of the one back home that we usually use to carry food to the hospital, so it really feels special and nostalgic and I love how they utilize that idea, totally wins my heart.

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Taste-wise, I feel obliged to say the food is no where near authentic. This is the Netherlands, not Vietnam anyways. But that does not mean I didn’t enjoy my meal. It was good nonetheless. And they have really nice drinks too! The price is, surprisingly, very affordable. You can have food and drink for under 15 EUR! All in all, I totally recommend this place 😀

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