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Off the beaten path: Slovenia

When planing an Europe trip, most people will go for the so-called must-see locations like Paris, Rome, Venice, etc. For me, I prefer to visit the much less “touristy” towns and villages, to explore the unbeaten paths, to discover the exotic beauties. My summer trip was all about those places. It was really nice and interesting to kick off your grand tour of Europe in the “cool” places that maybe not everyone knows about, making my European experience very much difference from typical others’.

I started my 17-day journey in beautiful, idyllic Slovenia. I didn’t even know where the country is before the trip.¬†Slovenia, like other Eastern European countries, has much lower living costs than the rest of Europe, making it an ideal location for budget travelers. It is also a wonderful place for nature lovers as well, as our trip turned out to include a lot of hiking up to the mountains and down to the lakes. That said, Slovenia is certainly not the vibrant and lively type, its cities are more like Leiden, lovely, tranquil and idyllic. That’s what I really love about it.

download (2)

In Bled

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Lake Bohjini in Bled


Ljubljana’s center

What made the trip even more exciting is that in order to get there, we took an EasyJet flight from Amsterdam to Venice and used a private transfer service (GoOpti – very highly recommended) to get to Ljubljana (lyoo-bly-ah-nah), Slovenia’s capital city. It’s a great trick for you to save money, because apparently direct flights to Ljubljana are super expensive and mostly for business purpose, travelers usually take the aforementioned route which is surprisingly cheap and convenient. We also had really nice accommodations as well thanks to the low cost. My 2 friends and I always stayed in very nice and spacious self-contained apartments with only about 16 EUR/person/night! (Nana’s Ljubljana Apartment in Ljubljana and Apartments Preseren in Bled for your reference – we booked both via

Overall, I really enjoyed my time in Slovenia (even though that was a bit too much hiking…) and totally recommend everyone to pay a visit some time!

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