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Unlocking memories :)

Now that I am done with my Masters I have been enjoying my spare time doing mundane things such as removing junk from my pc, backing up my work on dropbox and going through old pictures! Since this year I had applied to lots of PhD positions I also got to travel for interviews – this is a great experience as the travelling takes your mind off all the stress and nervousness. One of the places I was interviewed was in Germany where back in February I was invited for a day. The train journey took about 9 hours in all but on the way I had a lot of fun talking to backpackers and other students in a similar situation to mine. Today while going through my pictures I realised I didn’t actually keep my camera busy on this particular trip, however on my way back I had a layover of 3 hours at Stuttgart station and I went about exploring the building. It turned out there was a nice museum about the railway network. I particularly enjoyed this gallery where the floor lights up as you walk around tracing a railway route.

SAM_1904SAM_1883SAM_1881SAM_1880SAM_1885Next I also went all the way to the roof to get a panoramic view of the city and was rather surprised to be greeted by this:
SAM_1895Finally, the sheer number of love-locks around the place didn’t escape my attention, and in particular the various patterns created with locks:




Ofcourse I was travelling alone so couldn’t contribute to it, but for a moment I did consider removing the lock off my suitcase before realising I still had 6 hours of travel left and didn’t intend to lose my belongings at the end of a successful trip.

Must watch movie # 16

Just the other day I watched an old children’s film, called ‘Paperhouse’ (1988). It is an adaptation of the novel  ‘Marianne Dreams’, and is about a girl who falls ill and then starts having weird dreams about a house, a boy and a mysterious land that she sketched in her book. She soon realises that she is able to shape events in this new land by adding or erasing features and this results in an unforgettable but frigtening adventure. The last I checked it was still available on youtube so catch it while you can 🙂

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