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To the Beach at night!

If you weren’t away for summer holidays then It seems that there were quite a few things to do this week. There was the lowlands festival which I watched online today, but also the Jazz in de Gracht festival in the Hague, where artists would arrive in boats and play music for you while you enjoy the sunshine. I couldn’t go to it but here are a couple of pictures shared on the festival’s twitter and facebook pages:

I don’t think I would have enjoyed Jazz too much even though this looks beautiful, but anyway I did however ride all the way to Scheveningen beach which isn’t too far away from where the Jazz festival was. I went there for the Vuurwerkfestival fireworks which this year was held on 14/15 and 21/22 August. The display was scheduled to start at 21:45 and just as I reached there the fireworks had begun. I guess I shouldn’t have but I was surprised by the bicycle traffic on the way – it felt like a slower version of the Tour de France but the ride was quite enjoyable as everyone on the path seemed to be headed to the beach. Just as I got there I realized I may not be able to enjoy the show from up close because I couldn’t find space to park my bike – and I certainly didn’t want to end up losing one 21 km from home :). So I made sure I didn’t stop looking and eventually my perseverance paid off as I found a very secure parking service managed by the beach. By now I had assumed that I’d missed the show but still sat at the busy beach under a fairly clear night sky. Soon, it turned out there were multiple rounds of fireworks and though I spent most of the time enjoying the display, I did manage to capture a few decent shots:

SAM_1980SAM_1977I stayed around for another two hours – incidentally I have never been to a Dutch beach during the day – my other adventure was to Katwijk at (mid)night last year but unlike then Scheveningen was pretty busy and vibrant so I had no reason to run back. Among other carnival activities I have found a nice venture to make money using Physics –


it was amusing to see how many people failed miserably at this but at the same time the huge crowd gathered around this carnival ladder was eager to see if anyone would actually succeed at it. In the 45 minutes that I was stood there nobody did (I didn’t even try :)).

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