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Off the beaten path: Budapest (Part 2)

Budapest is absolutely beautiful. It is stunning. The architecture, the buildings, the bridges, every sight is majestic. It makes me feel kinda lucky for our eventful ride because without it I would never experience the stark contrast between the decadent countryside of Hungary and its fancy, beautiful capital city. Everything is breathtaking. Another great side of traveling to Budapest is that it is cheap, much much cheaper than other big cities in European and besides you get to see all the beautiful, typical European cityscape.

If you travel in groups it’s going to be even cheaper. As I mentioned in Part 1 our apartment was really nice and dirt cheap. We had 4 people and we also took advantage of the Budapest transportation card which costs only 10 EUR/4 people for unlimited travel within 24 hours. The great thing about being in a big city is that you have different types of public transportation at use (meaning no more walking and hiking for 10 km per day…). It felt really weird and amusing at the same time because we had literally lived in the middle of nowhere for like 1 week and now we’re back to civilization. You can’t imagine how excited I am to see the sign of Starbucks 😛

You may need at least 2-3 days in Budapest because there are so many places to visit. Even next to our apartment there is really beautiful cemetery with absolutely amazing architecture for each grave. People really went all the way to build them a nice house for their afterlives 🙂

We covered most of the main sights and did not disappoint at all. Hungarians are pretty efficient in tourism when you see a lot of staffs standing everywhere to offer you tours and tickets. You may want to consider trying the hop on hop off bus, but we chose to use public transportation. The metro in Budapest was a very nice experience as well. All in all, Budapest is certainly one of my most favorite cities in Europe.

download (7)

Very thought-provoking memorial of the victims shot into the Danube. The shoes are made in real life-size.

download (8)

The famous Chain Bridge. I’m really running how of adjectives to describe how beautiful everything is.

download (8)

My perk of traveling to Budapest: there is a big Vietnamese community here i.e. delicious and cheap home food. This restaurant is close to the parliament building.

download (9)

The parliament house, super gorgeous!

download (10)

The night cruise is absolutely a must-do! It costs only 10 EUR per person (student price, without drinks).

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