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Eating Out: Bubble tea in The Hague

Oh the delight of continuing this series~

As an Asian, I love bubble tea. It’s not like I can’t live without it, and it doesn’t make it to my list of things I wish Leiden had. But still, I find myself one day randomly searching for best bubble teas in the Netherlands and I’m absolutely thrilled to find out there is one called 8tea5 in The Hague!

The store is quite centrally located, so it wasn’t hard to find it at all. You can pass by once you’ve done shopping in Primark and stocking up your groceries in Oriental.


Nothing Asian about the design and outlook, but I quite like it a lot. The black color makes it look very cool and trendy.

download (1)

It is a small store with 3 working staffs, but they are all efficient. On the wall they have instructions in English so that you know how to make your order. Basically you choose your flavor, size and type of topping (it’s not really topping though because it all sinks to the bottom of the cup :P). They have a lot of toppings to choose from, including tapioca, aloe vera, strawberry and stuff.

But above all, the reason why I would go all the way to The Hague just for a cup of bubble tea is this!

download (3)

Did I tell you I’m a die-hard fan of matcha? And it is super hard to find matcha flavor not only the Netherlands but also the whole Europe? You really can’t imagine my happiness and excitement to hold this: bubble tea, but better, matcha bubble tea! It’s really good, the matcha tastes quite authentic. But then I haven’t had matcha for so long now I’m not sure what it tastes like anymore… Nonetheless, it is delicious.

So, go try out! They also have many other flavors that sounds very nice to taste!

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