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Episode 5-Sudden Visits of Guests in Amsterdam

It was mid-July that a friend of mine contacted me this year. My friend is from Hungary and working in Oxford, the UK now. He messaged me that he wants to visit Holland. Indeed, I have been expecting his visit since May this year; but he did not contact me. Hence, I have forgotten his visit.

At the similar time, my elder cousin contacted me. She was travelling with his first son. Her plan was to travel from Prague, the Czech Republic to London, the UK through Berlin, Germany, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She messaged me that they would stay five nights in Prague, two nights in Berlin, and stop-over in the Netherlands and leave for London.

It was co-incidence my guests visit me like cats and dogs or buckets and barrels. Life is such unpredictable and uncertain. Even though I prepare for various probabilities, the result does not guarantee my expectation. That is the reason why life is sometimes exciting or painful.


At that time, I was concentrating on my thesis and departure time was coming, because my room contract was going towards the end. I was rather sensitive than normal when I received messages from both of them. My brain was full of schemes to spend time with a best friend of mine.

My cousin only wanted to stay in Amsterdam during her travel with her first son. It meant that I should go to Amsterdam during her stay. Moreover, my mate is due to stay in my room with me for two nights. Therefore, I had to rearrange my room for my best friend from Oxford.

I decided to change my desk from the wall to my window due to the occupation of his bed place. My plan was to have him slept in my bed place and I sleep in the mattress on the floor at the first night.


My cousin and her son were scheduled to arrive in Amsterdam at 5.00 pm on 28 July by Eurail pass from Berlin. By contrast, my Hungarian friend sent me a message that he would leave for Amsterdam at 8.00pm from Victoria station in London by Megabus. I made a call to her accommodation and had a short conversation with the guest house manager.

I decided to take a nap while I wait for the arrival of my friend. Around 7.10 pm, my messenger rang and my cousin contacted me. I had a messenger call with her. She asked me to find the places where we would go and what we should do in Amsterdam. I checked several websites and told her to purchase ‘I Amsterdam Card’ for 48 hours. She replied me to purchase it the next day.

When I lay in my bed, my messenger noticed my friend sent messages. He was due to arrive in The Hague. Hence, I replied that Leiden is quite near to The Hague and informed him to take off in The Hague. Soon, I would be able to see a friend of mine in Leiden, Holland.

[To Be Continued…]

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