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Episode 5-Sudden Visits of Guests in Amsterdam Part 3

When we were waiting for the train to Amsterdam central station, I received a message from my cousin. She asked where we were and how long it took from Leiden Centraal to Amsterdam Centraal. I replied briefly that we were waiting for the train at 10.42 am and it would take about 40 minutes to go there. She understood our situation and would meet us in front of I amsterdam Visitor Centre around 11.30 am.

We arrived at Amsterdam Central station about 11.16 am. He was considering rending a bike in Amsterdam and also visiting The Hague to see ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ at Mauritshuis. The appointment was in front of I amsterdam Visitor Centre. We browsed around and started walking along the wall of Amsterdam central station.


There was a white building over the tram rail way. My cousin had sent messages that she and her son would go shopping while we were coming to Amsterdam. We were standing at the entrance of the Visitor Centre. Around 15-20 minutes later, I were able to see my cousin and her son walked to the building.

I introduced them to my friend. It was nearly noon and we decided to have lunch first. I gave my cousin and her son small gifts. They were a sort of souvenirs including sweet Dutch cookies and key-holders. Particularly, I gave my nephew a pocket watch.

We walked towards high street of Amsterdam. There were a number of restaurants near Victoria Hotel. Our choice was an Italian restaurant. We discussed where we would visit as a first place. During our conversation, my Hungarian friend considered buying I amsterdam Card for 48 hours. He had asked us to keep his stuff and left for the Visitor Centre.


After we decided to go to the Van Gogh Museum, my friend came back. I told him that we would go to the Van Gogh Museum first and he agreed to join us. My party left for the Van Gogh Museum on foot. We passed several canals and a flea market. Suddenly, my friend told me to go buying the Dutch souvenir and he went into the narrow passage.

The rest of us kept walking and we finally arrived at the Van Gogh Museum. There were several long queues in front of the museum. Fortunately, my cousin and her son had I amsterdam cards and I had the Museum Card. It was much better to wait for our turn.

While we were walking to the Van Gogh Museum near the Reijksmuseum Amsterdam, my nephew wrenched his ankle, because a block had projected over the pavement. He told us to be alright, but we walked more slowly to the museum.


Van Gogh seems to have been popular to foreign visitors. Numerous people were still waiting in front of the building. Permanent collection in the museum was composed of paintings and letters of Van Gogh’s, and the modern painters who were inspired by Van Gogh.

Privately, my favourite in the museum was not the art piece of Van Gogh’s. I was attracted by the oil painting of Meijer de Haan (1852-1895), namely, Still Life with the Profile of Mimi. Eyes of the young child were directly focused on fruits and it was enough to stimulate my curiosity.

[To Be Continued…]

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