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Episode 5-Sudden Visits of Guests in Amsterdam-Part 4

The Van Gogh Museum usually closes at 6.00 pm except for Friday at 10.00 pm. I was due to see my cousin and her son around 5.30 pm on the lobby, ground floor. I was easily able to see my nephew and my cousin on the ground floor.

When I was waiting for my nephew, my Hungarian friend suddenly appeared. He looked fairly satisfied with his item that he purchased. He told me that he would browse the collection and be back soon. Besides, he intimated to visit the Van Gogh Museum on Friday. I envied his ticket, because his was the self-portrait of Van Gogh, and it was extremely rare to receive.

Around 6.05 pm, we went out with other audiences. We walked for a while towards tram rails. We took a tram and it took us to city centre. The first thing what we should do was to take a boat. My Hungarian friend did not want to take a boat in the Amsterdam canal, because there are a number of canals in Oxford, the UK. Instead, he allowed me to use his Amsterdam card when we bought tickets. He promised us to meet around 8.00 pm on the landing place.


The boat guide illustrated lots of things related to the history of Amsterdam City. Boat passengers followed his guidance whenever he explained buildings and infrastructure. My cousin, nephew and I had a talk for our next schedule for dinner and family affairs. My cousin told me that she decided this 2 week-short-trip for her son to be closer with him. Her second son did not agree with her suggestion to travel Europe. Hence, she and her first son came to Europe for 2 weeks.

When we returned to the wharf about 7.40 pm, there was not my friend. We waited for him around 10 minutes more, but he did not appear. We were hungry and tired. So, we went to the restaurant to have dinner. There were a number of restaurants and it was fairly difficult to choose one to guarantee reasonable price and the quality of food.

It was my friend to have contacted me when we sat on the chair in a restaurant. According to him, He did not find us when he returned to the wharf. I told my cousin that I would bring him to the restaurant and left for the boat landing place. I met him as I walked to the wharf, because he bounded to there.


He recommended me to visit Amsterdam Heineken factory. We walked back to the restaurant. Surprisingly, my cousin and nephew were waiting for us standing outside. They thought to change dinner place to other. My Hungarian friend led us into the other small passage. Finally, we entered a Turkish kebab restaurant. While we were waiting for our meal, my friend told me that he would stop at other place for a while.

I feel that it is a not bad choice to go to kebab restaurant for your meal when you visit a new place in Europe. Turkish or Greek kebab may provide you edible warm food wherever you visit unfamiliar cities in the world.

[To Be Continued…]

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